"Music feels like the most mysterious, black-art part of our film projects. Working with Woody takes away some of that mystery--he's a great communicator who immediately understands and internalizes our requirements and becomes a rock-solid reliable part of the team. But it also adds to the mystery--how can he accomplish such beautiful work, in so little time, with such soul and humor?"

- Mark Lyon, CEO, Lyon Associates


"Woody constantly delivers spectacular work.  He gets it done, period."

- Jane Mun, Knabi Production


Companies use the medium of commercials to impress their audience with a message about the value of the brand. Creating music that highlights and emphasizes the unique personality of the product or service, Chaos Theory Music has produced music for numerous commercials of both domestic and international brands.




Korean Airlines


Honda Civic

The Aldyn



Orbit Gum

Hyundai Santa Fe


Nexon, Maplestory

Verizon Wireless


Wells Fargo

Acura MDX 2014

California Raffle