SUM, Secret Repair - Starring 한효주

Woody Pak's "New Frontiers" once again gets placed in a commercial!  This time it's for SUM, a popular skin repair cream starring the Korean actress 한효주, who recently starred opposite 이병훈 in "Masquerade."


Chaos Theory Music has a had a long and fruitful relationship with branding agency dbox.   dbox is well known for high profile projects.  432 Park Avenue is no exception.  A short film was commissioned by developer Harry Macklowe to promote the new property which is set to be the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere upon its completion in 2015. 



Starring Bobby Lee, Kang Hye-jung, Maragaret Cho, and Brian Tee - Chaos Theory Music provided music supervision and licensing for the upcoming comedic indie film, "The Wedding Palace." We placed a number of Korean traditional music as well as K-Pop tracks for its soundtrack. The film also features Woody Pak's bright and humorous original score.

The Wedding Palace


Rising out of the rolling hills of suburban Seoul, Amore Pacific's state-of-the-art new corporate headquarters beckons its tens of thousands of employees and partners with a spectacular corporate visitor experience. In conjunction with BRC Chaos Theory Music had the pleasure of writing the main theme song for the leading beauty and health company, Amore Pacific's Beautiful Life Center, a multimedia space featuring exhibits and interactive experiences highlighting all things Amore Pacific. Our own Woody Pak composed the song and directed the English and Korean recordings with choirs of singers in both Seoul and Los Angeles. 




Kimchi Chronicles is an American food program airing on PBS that is part travelogue, part food narrative, and part documentary of self-discovery. Host Marja Vongerichten, a Korean American-Adoptee and wife of famed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, explores Korean food and culture and tells her unique life story throughout the series. In the show, viewers experience Koreahrough Marja's distinct perspective. Chaos Theory Music provided music supervision, artist relations, and music licensing services for the series.


Numerous placements in film starring Christian Slater in this horror thriller.